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Huang, Yeu-Shiang Professor

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黃宇翔Huang, Yeu-Shiang
Job Title
Distinguished Professor
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Decision Analysis、Decision Behavior、Production and Operations Management、Supply Chain Management

學校名稱 國別 系所 學位 起迄年月
威斯康辛大學 美國 工業工程所 博士 8201 ~ 8508


服務機關 職稱 起迄年月
國立成功大學 教授 920801 ~ 迄今
國立成功大學 副教授 890801 ~ 920731
銘傳大學 副教授 850801 ~ 890801
行政院經建會 研究員 850723 ~ 850916



學年度 著作 著作人
2015 Huang, Yeu-Shiang; Ho, Rong-Shuan; Fang, Chih-Chiang,2015,Quantity discount coordination for allocation of purchase orders in supply chains with multiple suppliers,INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRODUCTION RESEARCH; INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRODUCTION RESEARCH,53(22),pp6653-6671 (SCI) 黃宇翔
2015 Huang, Yeu-Shiang; Wang, Ruei-Pei; Ho, Jyh-Wen,2015,Determination of optimal lot size and production rate for multi-production channels with limited capacity,INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SYSTEMS SCIENCE; INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SYSTEMS SCIENCE,46(9),pp1679-1691 (SCI) 黃宇翔
2015 Huang, Yeu-Shiang; Liu, Li-Chen; Ho, Jyh-Wen,2015,Decisions on new product development under uncertainties,INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SYSTEMS SCIENCE; INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SYSTEMS SCIENCE,46(6),pp1010-1019 (SCI) 黃宇翔
2015 Lin, Zu-Liang; Huang, Yeu-Shiang; Fang, Chih-Chiang,2015,Non-periodic preventive maintenance with reliability thresholds for complex repairable systems,RELIABILITY ENGINEERING & SYSTEM SAFETY; RELIABILITY ENGINEERING & SYSTEM SAFETY,136,pp145-156 (SCI) 黃宇翔
2015 Huang, Yeu-Shiang; Gau, Wei-Yo; Ho, Jyh-Wen,2015,Cost analysis of two-dimensional warranty for products with periodic preventive maintenance,RELIABILITY ENGINEERING & SYSTEM SAFETY; RELIABILITY ENGINEERING & SYSTEM SAFETY,134,pp51-58 (SCI) 黃宇翔
2014 Huang, YS; Duy, D; Fang, CC,2014,Efficient maintenance of basic statistical functions in data warehouses,DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEMS; DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEMS,57,pp97-104 (SCI) 黃宇翔
2014 Huang, YS; Hsu, CS; Ho, JW,2014,Dynamic pricing for fashion goods with partial backlogging,INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRODUCTION RESEARCH; INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRODUCTION RESEARCH,52(14),pp4299-3414 (SCI) 黃宇翔
2013 *Huang, Y.-S.; Chen, J.-M.; Lin, Z.-L.,2013,A Study on Coordination of Capacity Allocation for Different Types of Contractual Retailers,Decision Support Systems;,54,2,pp919-928 (SCI) 黃宇翔
2013 *Huang, Y.-S.; Chang, W.-C.; Li, W.-H.; Lin, Z.-L.,2013,Aggregation of Utility-Based Individual Preferences for Group Decision-Making,European Journal of Operational Research;,229,2,pp462-469 (SCI) 黃宇翔
2013 *Huang, Y.-S.; Hsueh, T.-L.; Zheng, G.-H.,2013,Decisions on Optimal Adoption Time for New Technology,Computers and Industrial Engineering;,65,3,pp388-394 (SCI) 黃宇翔
2013 *Huang, Y.-S.; Lin, Y.-J.; Ho, J.-W.,2013,A study on Negative Binomial Inspection for Imperfect Production Systems,Computers and Industrial Engineering;,65,4,pp613- (SCI) 黃宇翔
2013 *Huang, Y.-S.; Duy, D.; Fang, C.-C.,2013,Efficient Maintenance of Basic Statistical Functions in Data Warehouses,Decision Support Systems;, (SCI) 黃宇翔
2013 *Huang, Y.-S.; Wang, R.-P.; Ho, J.-W.,2013,Determination of Optimal Lot Size and Production Rate for Multi-Production Channels With Limited Capacity,International Journal of Systems Science;, (SCI) 黃宇翔
2013 *Huang, Y.-S.; Chen, M.-W.; Fang, C.-C.,2013,A Study of the Optimal Production Strategy for Hybrid Production Systems,International Journal of Production Research;, (SCI) 黃宇翔
2013 *Huang, Y.-S.; Liu, L.-C.; Ho, J.-W.,2013,Decisions on New Product Development under Uncertainties,International Journal of Systems Science;, (SCI) 黃宇翔
2013 *Huang, Y.-S.; Chen, E.; Ho, J.-W.,2013,Two-Dimensional Warranty with Reliability-Based Preventive Maintenance,IEEE Transactions on Reliability;, (SCI) 黃宇翔
2013 *Huang, Y.-S.; Chen, S.-H.; Ho, J.-W.,2013,A Study on Pricing and Delivery Strategy for e-Retailling Systems,Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review;, (SCI) 黃宇翔
2013 *黃宇翔; 張宥臻,2013,鋼鐵產業海外投資只區位決撤評估模式,; 管理與系統, (TSSCI) 黃宇翔
2012 *Huang, Y.-S.; Yao, J.-F.,2012,A Study on Associated Rules and Fuzzy Partitions for Classification,Intelligent Information Management;,4,5,pp217-224 (other) 黃宇翔
2012 *Huang, Y.-S.; Ho, J.-W.,2012,Stochastic Entry of Competitors and Marketing Decisions,IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management;,59,1,pp129-137 (SSCI) 黃宇翔
2012 *Huang, Y.-S.; Li, W.-H.,2012,A Study on Aggregation of TOPSIS Ideal Solutions for Group Decision-Making,Group Decision and Negotiation;,21,4,pp461-473 (SSCI) 黃宇翔
2012 *黃宇翔; 郭旭原,2012,運用QFD及DEA技術於新產品開發功能評選之研究,; 商略學報,4,4,pp289-314 (中華民國期刊論文) 黃宇翔
2012 *Huang, Y.-S.; Ho, J.-W.,2012,Stochastic Entry of Competitors and Marketing Decisions,IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management;,59,1,pp129-137 (SCI) 黃宇翔
2011 Ho, J.-W.; Huang, Y.-S.,2011,A study on the life of an innovative product using a Bayesian approach,COMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING;, (SCI) 黃宇翔
2011 *Huang, Y.-S.; Su, W.-J.; Lin, Z.-L.,2011,A Study on Lead-Time Discount Coordination for Deteriorating Products,European Journal of Operational Research;,215,2,pp358-366 (SCI) 黃宇翔
2010 Huang YS (Huang, Yeu-Shiang); Fang CC (Fang, Chih-Chiang),,2010,A study on decisions of warranty, pricing, and production with insufficient information,COMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING;,59,2,pp241-250 (SCI) 黃宇翔
2010 Huang YS (Huang, Yeu-Shiang); Ho JW (Ho, Jyh-Wen),,2010,Cost allocation with learning and forgetting considerations in a monopolistically competitive market,INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SYSTEMS SCIENCE;,41,10,pp1133-1144 (SCI) 黃宇翔
2010 Lin ZL; Huang YS,,2010,Nonperiodic Preventive Maintenance for Repairable Systems,NAVAL RESEARCH LOGISTICS;,57,7,pp615-625 (SCI) 黃宇翔
2010 *黃宇翔; 黃鐘錡,2010,TFT-LCD產業多能工技術員最適化指派問題之研究,; 商略學報,2,3,pp141-159 (中華民國期刊論文) 黃宇翔
2009 *Huang, Y. S.; Yen, C.,2009,A study of two-dimensional warranty policies with preventive maintenance,IIE TRANSACTIONS;,41,4,pp299-308 (SCI) 黃宇翔
2009 *Huang, Y. S; Liao, J. T.; Lin, Z. L.,2009,A Study on Aggregation of Group Decisions,SYSTEMS RESEARCH AND BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE;,26,4,pp445-454 (SSCI) 黃宇翔
2009 K. C. Chiu; J. W. Ho; Huang, Y.-S.,2009,Bayesian updating of optimal release time for software systems,SOFTWARE QUALITY JOURNAL;,17,1,pp99-120 (SCI) 黃宇翔
2009 *Huang, Y. S; Huang, B. C.,2009,Recognition of multi-interval rules in dataset with continuous-valued attributes,EXPERT SYSTEMS WITH APPLICATIONS;,36,2,pp1485-1492 (SCI) 黃宇翔
2009 Ho, J. W.; Huang, Y. S.,,2009,A study on customer involvement in final assembly for DIY products,COMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING;,56,1,pp19-27 (SCI) 黃宇翔
2008 *黃宇翔; 王百祿,,2008,ARIMA與適應性SVM之混合模型於股價指數預測之研究,; 電子商務學報,10,4,pp1041-1066 (TSSCI) 黃宇翔
2008 *Huang, Y. S.; Hsieh, C. H.; Ho, J. W.,,2008,Decisions on an Optimal Life Test Sampling Plan With Warranty Considerations,IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON RELIABILITY;,57,4,pp643-649 (SCI) 黃宇翔
2008 Ho, J. W.; Fang, C. C.; Huang, Y. S.,2008,The determination of optimal software release times at different confidence levels with consideration of learning effects,SOFTWARE TESTING VERIFICATION & RELIABILITY;,18,4,pp221-249 (SCI) 黃宇翔
2008 Fang, C. C.; Huang, Y. S.,2008,A Bayesian decision analysis in determining the optimal policy for pricing, production, and warranty of repairable products,EXPERT SYSTEMS WITH APPLICATIONS;,35,4,pp1858-1872 (SCI) 黃宇翔
2008 Chiu, K. C.; Huang, Y. S.; Lee, T. Z.,,2008,A study of software reliability growth from the perspective of learning effects,RELIABILITY ENGINEERING & SYSTEM SAFETY;,93,10,pp1410-1421 (SCI) 黃宇翔
2008 *Huang, Y. S.; Lo, H.-C.; Ho, J.-W.,2008,

Design of Effective Inspection Schema for Imperfect Production Systems

,International Journal of Production Research;,46,16,pp4537-4551 (SCI)
2008 *Huang, Y. S.; Hung, C. C.; Fang, C. C.,,2008,Bayesian enhanced decision making for deteriorating repairable systems with preventive maintenance,NAVAL RESEARCH LOGISTICS;,55,2,pp105-115 (SCI) 黃宇翔
2008 *Huang, Y. S.; Hsu, C.-Z.,2008,

An Anticipative Hyperbolic Discount Utility on Intertemporal Decision Making

,European Journal of Operational Research;,184,1,pp281-290 (SCI)
2008 黃宇翔; 潘柏璇,2008,以樹狀結構及新詞判斷分類XML文件之研究,; 資訊管理學報,15,3,pp135-156 (TSSCI) 黃宇翔
2008 *Huang, Y.S.; Fang, C.C.,2008,A Cost Sharing Warranty Proportion for Products with Deterioration,IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management;,55,4,pp617-627 (SCI) 黃宇翔
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2007 *黃宇翔; 陳鐸仁,,2007,應用關聯法則於多磁碟資料庫系統表格配置之研究,; 電子商務學報,9,4,pp625-652 (TSSCI) 黃宇翔
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2005 *黃宇翔;郭旻翰,2005,


,電子商務學報;,8,1,pp65-100 (TSSCI)
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2004 *Hunag, Y. S.,2004,

A Structural Design of Decision Support Systems for Deterioration Repairablee Systems

,Computers and Operations Research;,31,7,pp1135-1145 (SCI)
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2003 *彭仕英;薛永海;蕭凱仁;賴沛穎;蘇慧芬;張瀠華;吳美玲;黃宇翔,2003,


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On the Variable-Depth-Search Heuristic for the linear-Cost Generalized Assignment Problem

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1998 *閻菊芳;陳立民;李集發;吳喜旺;黃宇翔,1998,


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學年度 著作 著作人
2011 Huang, Y.-S.; Chen, P.-H.,2011,Optimal Pricing for Hybrid Production Systems with Substitutable Demand,2011 International Conference on Business and Information (BAI);,Bangkok, Tailand, 黃宇翔
2011 Huang, Y.-S.; Hsueh, T.-L.,2011,Determination of the Optimal Time for Adopting New Technology,2012 International Conference on Innovation and Mangement (IIM);,Koror, Palau, 黃宇翔
2010 Huang, Y.-S.; Su, W.-J.,2010,A Study on Lead-Time Discount Coordinatin for Deteriorating Products,2010 International Conference on Business and Information (BAI);,Kitakyushu, Japan., 黃宇翔
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2008 蘇高玄; Huang, Y. S.,,2008,利用非線性特徵萃取以提高資料分類能力,2008第九屆電子化企業經營管理理論暨實務研討會.;,Changhua,Taiwan, 黃宇翔
2008 江佰璋; 黃宇翔,2008,影響使用電子病歷系統行為意向因素之研究,2008第三屆國際健康資訊管理研討;,Tainan,Taiwan, 黃宇翔
2008 蘇高玄; Huang, Y. S.,,2008,結合特徵選取與支持向量回歸應用於房價預測,2008資訊管理暨商務科技研討會.;,Yunlin,Taiwan, 黃宇翔
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The Determination of Product Life in a Monopolistically Competitive Market

,2006 International Conference on Business and Information (BAI);,Singapore,
2006 鄭照明; 黃宇翔,,2006,Batching and Scheduling in a Two Machine Flowshop with Limited Waiting Time,2006 Technology and Management Conference;,Changhua, Taiwan., 黃宇翔
2005 Huang, Y. S.; Wang, B.-F.,2005,An Optimal Warranty Proportion for Products with Deterioration under the Policy of PRW,The 11th Asia Pacific Management Conference (APMC);,Tainan, Taiwan, 黃宇翔
2002 黃宇翔; 吳慧貞,,2002,


2001 Yu H. K.; Lin, B. M. T; Huang, Y.-S.,,2001,Two-Machine Flowshop Batch Scheduling to Minimize the Total completion Time,The 30th Western Decision Science Institute Annual Meeting,;,Vancouver, Canada, 黃宇翔
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1996 Huang Y. S.; Bier V. M.,,1996,Natural Conjugate Prior Distributions for Nonhomogeneous Poisson Processes,1996 Proceedings of the Section on Bayesian Statistical Science, American Statistical Association;, 黃宇翔



年度 計畫名稱 參與人 計畫時間
2017 考量次新鮮品加工之易腐性商品定價及存貨策略   2017/08/01 ~ 
2016 兩階段主副商品客製化搭售策略之研究   2016/08/01 ~ 
2016 供應鏈上下游廠商雙向資訊分享模式之研究   2016/08/01 ~ 
2015 生鮮商品上游供應鏈之利潤分享協調模式   2015/08/01 ~ 
2015 碳排放限制與減碳投資考量下之供應鏈運籌模式   2015/08/01 ~ 
2014 考量產品壽命之混和再製造商回收策略之研究   2014/08/01 ~ 
2014 線上拍賣機制下商品搭售定價策略之研究   2014/08/01 ~ 
2013 考量盜版率下電影產業之傳統租賃及數位串流雙通路定價及協調機制之研究   2013/08/01 ~ 
2013 考量隨機損害與退化過程相依之可修復系統預防保養策略之研究   2013/08/01 ~ 
2011 單期損耗性商品兩階段動態定價之研究   2011/08/01 ~ 
2010 製造再製造生產系統產品定價模式之研究   2010/08/01 ~ 
2010 易腐性商品之直接及間接通路間價格及服務競爭賽局模式之研究   2010/08/01 ~ 
2009 前置期折供應鏈協調模式之研究   2009/08/01 ~ 
2009 群體決策整合模式之研究   2009/08/01 ~ 
2008 時間及價格競爭下電子零售商與供應商賽局模式之研究   2008/08/01 ~ 
2007 單一供應商與多異質買方供應鏈多輪協調模式之研究   2007/08/01 ~ 
2006 單一買方與多供應商供應鏈協調模式之研究   2006/08/01 ~ 
2005 考量預防保養之雙構面保固政策模式   2005/08/01 ~ 
2004 競爭者進入市場行為與產品生命週期之研究   2004/08/01 ~ 
2003 產品生命週期之決策模式之研究   2003/08/01 ~ 
2002 冪次型折扣效用模型之研究   2002/08/01 ~ 
2001 彩券相依期望效用理論與風險決策之探討   2001/08/01 ~ 
2000 台灣五百大企業施行全面品質管理狀況之研究   2000/08/01 ~