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翁慈宗 Wong, Tzu-Tsung
Chair & Professor
  • 53722
  • Data Mining; Bayesian Statistics; Compositional Data Analysis; System Reliability
高強 Kao, Chiang
University Chair Professor
  • 53131
  • Operations Research; Systems Simulation; Nonlinear Programming; Multiobjective Decision Analysis; Productivity and Efficiency Analysis
利德江 Li, Der-Chiang
Distinguished Professor
  • 53134
  • Scheduling Theory; Small-data Learning Theory; Automation Manufacturing Systems; Knowledge Base System
林清河 Lin, Chinho
University Chair Professor
  • 53137
  • Strategic Management; Supply Chain Management; Knowledge Management; Total Quality Management
陳梁軒 Chen, Liang-Hsuan
Distinguished Professor
  • 53140
  • Decision-Making under Uncertainty; Modeling and Management of Uncertainty; Decision-Making Method; Fuzzy Set Theory and Its Applications; Production and Operations Management
呂執中 Lyu, JrJung
  • 53138
  • E-Business Strategy; Global Quality Management; Global Logistics Management; Information Systems Applications; Healthcare Quality
王泰裕 Wang, Tai-Yue
Distinguished Professor
  • 53141
  • Production Management; Quality Management; Neural Networks; Entrepreneurship Management
李賢得 Lee, Shine-Der
  • 53146
  • Logistic Management; Operations Research; Production/Inventory Models; Manufacturing System
謝中奇 Hsieh, C. C
  • 53139
  • Supply Chain Management; Reliability in Management; Heuristic Techniques and Their Applications
黃宇翔 Huang, Yeu-Shiang
Distinguished Professor
李昇暾 Li, Sheng Tun
Distinguished Professor
  • 53126
  • Business Intelligence; Big Data Analysis; Intelligent Decision Support Systems; Knowledge Engineering; Knowledge Management
  • http://myweb.ncku.edu.tw/~stli/
王惠嘉 Wang, Hei-Chia
Chair & Professor
王逸琳 Wang, I-Lin
  • 53123
  • Network optimization with applications in logistics and transportation; Bioinformatics; Scheduling; Sensor network localization; Asset management
  • http://ilin.iim.ncku.edu.tw/
王維聰 Wang, Wei-Tsong
蔡青志 Tsai, Shing Chih
  • 53135
  • System Simulation, Operations Research, Applied Statistics
吳政翰 Wu, Cheng-Han
  • 53145
  • Supply Chain Management; Sustained Yield and Reserve Logistics; Decision Science; Strategic Game Theory; Business Intelligence and Analysis
林明毅 Lin, Ming-I
Associate Professor
  • 53130
  • "Human Factors Engineering; Human-Computer Interaction; Work Physiology and Biomechanics; Cognitive Neuroscience; AR/VR user experience design "
胡政宏 Hu, Cheng-Hung
Associate Professor
  • 53124
  • Experimental Design; Quality Engineering and Management; Reliability Engineering
張裕清 Chang, Yu-Ching
Assistant Professor
  • 53132
  • Quality Engineering; Service Management; Semiconductor Production and Operations Management; Queuing Network
劉任修 Liu, Ren-Shiou
Assistant Professor
  • 53125
  • Algorithmic Analysis and Design; Mobile computing; Wireless Sensing Networks, Medical Information Systems
侯建任 Hou, Jian-Ren
Assistant Professor
  • --
  • Online consumer behavior、E-commerce、Online marketing、Brand community
莊雅棠 Chuang,Ya-Tang
Assistant Professor
  • 53136
  • Dynamic Programmin
    Statistical Learning
    Robust Optimization
    Exploration vs Exploitation Trade-offs
蔡仰虔 Tsai,Yang-Chain
Adjunct Assistant Professor
  • Economic History; History and Economic Thought; Economic Development