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Li, Sheng Tun Professor

Personal Profile
李昇暾Li, Sheng Tun
Job Title
Distinguished Professor
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Business Intelligence、Big Data Analysis、Intelligent Decision Support Systems、Knowledge Engineering、Knowledge Management

學校名稱 國別 系所 學位 起迄年月
德州休士頓大學 美國 電腦科學 博士 7908 ~ 8405


服務機關 職稱 起迄年月
國立成功大學 教授 940801 ~ 迄今
國立成功大學 副教授 920801 ~ 940731
國立高雄第一科技大學 教授 910201 ~ 920801
國立高雄第一科技大學 副教授 850801 ~ 920201



學年度 著作 著作人
2016 Li, Sheng Tun; Thuong Thi Pham; Chuang, Hui Chi; Wang, Zhi-Wei,2016,Does reliable information matter? Towards a trustworthy co-created recommendation model by mining unboxing reviews,INFORMATION SYSTEMS AND E-BUSINESS MANAGEMENT; INFORMATION SYSTEMS AND E-BUSINESS MANAGEMENT,14(1),pp71-99 (SSCI) 李昇暾
2016 Li, S. T.; Pham, T. T.; Chuang, H. C.; Wang, C. W.,2016,Does Reliable Information Matter? Toward a Trustworthy Co-Creating Recommendation System by Mining Unboxing Reviews,INFORMATION SYSTEMS AND E-BUSINESS MANAGEMEN; INFORMATION SYSTEMS AND E-BUSINESS MANAGEMEN,14(1),pp71-99 (SSCI) 李昇暾
2016 Lin, Jerry Chun-Wei; Gan, Wensheng; Hong, Tzung-Pei; Chen, Hsin-Yi; Li, Sheng-Tun,2016,An efficient algorithm to maintain the discovered frequent sequences with record deletion,INTELLIGENT DATA ANALYSIS; INTELLIGENT DATA ANALYSIS,20(3),pp655-677 (SCI) 李昇暾
2015 Li, Sheng-Tun; Chen, Chih-Chuan,2015,A Regularized Monotonic Fuzzy Support Vector Machine Model for Data Mining With Prior Knowledge,IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON FUZZY SYSTEMS; IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON FUZZY SYSTEMS,23(5),pp1713-1727 (SCI) 李昇暾
2015 Ho, Hei-Fong; Li, Sheng-Tun,2015,Using mutually validated memories of experts for case-based knowledge systems,KNOWLEDGE-BASED SYSTEMS; KNOWLEDGE-BASED SYSTEMS,86(102),pp102-115 (SCI) 李昇暾
2015 Kuo, Shu-Ching; Chen, Chih-Chuan; Li, Sheng-Tun,2015,Evolutionary Fuzzy Relational Modeling for Fuzzy Time Series Forecasting,INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FUZZY SYSTEMS; INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FUZZY SYSTEMS,17(3),pp444-456 (SCI) 李昇暾
2015 Lin, Jerry Chun-Wei; Lin, Jerry Chun-Wei; Gan, Wensheng; Chen, Hsin-Yi; Li, Sheng-Tun,2015,Incrementally updating the discovered sequential patterns based on pre-large concept,INTELLIGENT DATA ANALYSIS; INTELLIGENT DATA ANALYSIS,19(5),pp1071-1089 (SCI) 李昇暾
2014 Chen, CC; Li, ST,2014,Credit rating with a monotonicity-constrained support vector machine model,Expert Systems with Applications; Expert Systems with Applications,41(16),pp7235-7247 (SCI) 李昇暾
2014 *Li, S.-T.; Chou, W.-C.,2014,Power Planning in ICT Infrastructure: An Approach of Multi-criteria Operational Performance Evaluation,Omega;, (SSCI) 李昇暾
2013 Li, S.-T.*; Tsai, M.-H.,2013,A Fuzzy Conceptualization Model for Text Mining and its Application in Opinion Polarity Classification,Knowledge-Based Systems;,39, (SCI) 李昇暾
2012 Li, S.-T.*; Tsai, M.-H.; Lin, C.,2012,An examination of knowledge asset dynamics for competitive advantage in a manufacturing R&D department,Asia Pacific Management Review;,17,4,pp343-360 (TSSCI) 李昇暾
2012 Tsai, W.-H.; Tsai, M.-H.; Li, S.-T.*; Lin, C,2012,Harmonizing Firms’ Knowledge and Strategies with Organizational capabilities,The Journal of Computer Information Systems;,52,pp23-32 (SCI) 李昇暾
2012 Cheng, Y.-C.; Li, S.-T.,2012,Fuzzy Time Series Forecasting with a Probabilistic Smoothing Hidden Markov Model,IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems;,20,2,pp291-304 (SCI) 李昇暾
2011 Li, S.T.; Kuo, S.C.; Cheng, Y.C.; Chen, C.C.,2011,A vector forecasting model for fuzzy time series,APPLIED SOFT COMPUTING;,11,3,pp3125-3134 (SCI) 李昇暾
2011 Li, S.-T.*; Kuo, S.-C.; Cheng, Y.-C.; Chen, C.-C.,2011,A Vector Forecasting Model for Fuzzy Time Series,Applied Soft Computing;, (SCI) 李昇暾
2011 Li, S.-T.*; Chen, C.C.; Huang, F.,2011,Conceptual-driven classification for coding advise in health insurance reimbursement,Artificial Intelligence in Medicine;,51,1,pp27-41 (SCI) 李昇暾
2010 Li, S.-T.*; Cheng, Y.-C.,2010,A Stochastic HMM-Based Forecasting Model for Fuzzy Time Series,IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON SYSTEMS MAN AND CYBERNETICS PART B-CYBERNETICS;,40,5,pp1255-1266 (SCI) 李昇暾
2010 Li, S.-T.*; Kuo, S.-C.; Tsai, F.-C.,2010,An intelligent decision-support model using FSOM and rule extraction for crime prevention,Expert Systems with Applications;,37,10,pp7108-7119 (SCI) 李昇暾
2010 Li, S.-T.*; Tsai, F.-C,2010,Constructing tree-based knowledge structures from text corpus,Applied Intelligence;,33,1,pp67-78 (SCI) 李昇暾
2010 Li, S. T.; Kuo,S. C.; Cheng, C. Y.; Chen, C. C.,2010,Deterministic vector Long-Term forecasting for fuzzy time series.,Fuzzy Sets and Systems.;,161,13,pp1852-1870 (SCI) 李昇暾
2010 Hsu, KC; Li, ST,2010,Clustering spatial-temporal precipitation data using wavelet transform and self-organizing map neural network,ADVANCES IN WATER RESOURCES;,33,2,pp190-200 (SCI) 李昇暾
2010 Li, S. T.; Tsai, M. H.,; Lin, C.H.,2010,Building a taxonomy of a firm's knowledge assets: A perspective of durability and profitability,JOURNAL OF INFORMATION SCIENCE;,36,1,pp36-56 (SCI) 李昇暾
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2010 *Li, S.-T.; Tsai, M.-H.; C.-H. Lin.,2010,Building a Taxonomy of a Firm’s Knowledge Assets: a Perspective of Durability and Profitability,Journal of Information Science;,36,1,pp36-56 (SSCI) 李昇暾
2009 *Li, S. T.; Tsai, M. H.,2009,A dynamic taxonomy for managing knowledge assets,TECHNOVATION;,4,29,pp284-298 (SCI) 李昇暾
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2009 Li, S.-T.*; Cheng, Y.-C.,2009,An Enhanced Deterministic Fuzzy Time Series Forecasting Model,Cybernetics and Systems: An International Journal;,40,3, (SCI) 李昇暾
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On the Design of SCORM-compliant SMIL-enabled Multimedia Streaming E-Learning System

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Managing Operation Knowledge for the Metal In-dustry

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學年度 著作 著作人
2013 Kuo, S. C.; Wang, H. J.; Li, S. T.; Huang, S.L.,2013,A Novel Two-Variable Forecasting Model For Fuzzy Time Series,International Conference on Business and Information (BAI2013);,Bali, Indonesia, 李昇暾
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年度 計畫名稱 參與人 計畫時間
2018 具先前領域知識大型支援向量機之研究   2018/08/01 ~ 
2017 具先前領域知識大型支援向量機之研究   2017/08/01 ~ 
2016 具先前領域知識大型支援向量機之研究   2016/08/01 ~ 
2016 TOPSIS群體決策環境下整合策略之研究   2016/08/01 ~ 
2015 具領域先前知識一般化支撐向量學習器之研究:以單調限制式SVR、模糊SVM與ε-SVM為例   2015/08/01 ~ 
2015 以線上產品評論探勘法建構高涉入性3C產品特徵價格分析模型之研究   2015/08/01 ~ 
2014 模糊認知圖因果關係收斂性與封閉性之分析與應用   2014/08/01 ~ 
2013 銷售推論式情?分析模型於顧客評論極化之研究   2013/08/01 ~ 
2013 具領域先前知識一般化支撐向量學習器之研究:以單調限制式SVR、模糊SVM與ε-SVM為例   2013/08/01 ~ 
2013 基於文本OLAP機制之旅遊網雲端情境式導覽系統 Cloud-based Contextual Navigation for Tourism Websites through Textual OLAP   2013/07/01 ~ 
2011 抗雜訊與具單調限制性支援向量機之研究   2011/08/01 ~ 
2011 校務行政客訴文件倉儲系統之研究   2011/07/01 ~ 
2010 建構PDF知識文件管理雲端服務之研究   2010/07/01 ~ 
2009 基於文件集之樹狀概念地圖自動建構法   2009/08/01 ~ 
2009 以正規化概念分析強化文件導覽之研究   2009/07/01 ~ 
2008 廣義式二因子非時變模糊時間序列預測模式之研究   2008/08/01 ~ 
2007 廣義式二因子非時變模糊時間序列預測模式之研究   2007/08/01 ~ 
2006 具半自動層級式概念擷取機制之案例式推理知識管理系統   2006/08/01 ~ 
2005 以模糊時間序列預測法建構大學註冊人數決策模式之研究   2005/08/01 ~ 
2004 以演化式支撐向量機探勘消費性貸款信用評估決策之研究   2004/08/01 ~ 
2004 符合SCORM標準的先進數位學習系統之研究 (A Study on Advanced SCORM-compliant e-Learning System)-符合SCORM標準的主題關聯式教材目錄服務之研究   2004/05/01 ~ 
2003 符合SCORM標準之學習元件及技術工具設計-子計畫五:符合SCORM標準的分散式LMS學習元件共享平台與目錄服務之設計(2/2) 游寶達 2003/01/01 ~ 
2003 以波紋理論與自組織映射圖神經網路探勘投資決策知識之研究 許蒞彥 2003/08/01 ~