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Lin, Ming-I Professor

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林明毅Lin, Ming-I
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Associate Professor
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Human Factors Engineering、Human-Computer Interaction、Work Physiology and Biomechanics、Cognitive Neuroscience、AR/VR user experience design

學校名稱 國別 系所 學位 起迄年月
賓州州立大學 美國 工業工程學系 博士 9708 ~ 9812


服務機關 職稱 起迄年月
國立成功大學 副教授 1050801 ~ 迄今
國立成功大學 助理教授 990201 ~ 1050801



學年度 著作 著作人
2017 *Ming-I Brandon Lin; Yu-Ping Huang,2017,The impact of walking while using a smartphone on pedestrians’ awareness of roadside events,Accident Analysis and Prevention;, (SSCI) 林明毅
2016 *Ming-I Brandon Lin; Kuan-Hung Lin,2016,Walking while performing working memory tasks changes the prefrontal cortex hemodynamic activations and gait kinematics,Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience;, (SCI) 林明毅
2015 *Ming-I Brandon Lin; Ruei-Hong Hong; Jer-Hao Chang; Xin-Min Ke,2015,Usage position and virtual keyboard design affect upper-body kinematics, discomfort, and usability during prolonged tablet typing,PLOS ONE;, (SCI) 林明毅
2012 *Lin, M. I. B.; Groves, W. A.; Freivalds, A.; Lee, E. G.; Harper, M,2012,Comparison of artificial neural network (ANN) and partial least squares (PLS) regression models for predicting respiratory ventilation: an exploratory study,European Journal of Applied Physiology;,112,5,pp1603-1611 (SCI) 林明毅
2010 *Lin, M. I.; *, Groves, W. A.; Freivalds, A.; Lee, L.; Lee, E. G.; Slaven, J. E.; Harper, M.,2010,Laboratory evaluation of a physiologic sampling pump (PSP),Journal of Environmental Monitoring;,12,7,pp1415-1421 (SCI) 林明毅
2009 Lin, M. I.; L, L.; M, F.; EG, L.; M, H.; W, G.; A, F.; J, S.,2009,A novel physiologic sampling pump capable of rapid response to breathing,Journal of Environmental Monitoring;, (SCI) 林明毅
2008 Lin, M. I.; WA, G.; A, F.; EG, L.; M, H.; JE, S.; L, L.,2008,Assessment by physiologic sampling pump--prediction of minute ventilation using a portable respiratory inductive plethysmograph system,Journal of Environmental Monitoring;, (SCI) 林明毅
2006 Yang SC; Su S; Kuo PW; Wang JD; Lin MI,2006,Development and psychometric properties of the dialysis module of the WHOQOL-BREF Taiwan version,J Formos Med Assoc;,15,pp299-309 (SCI) 林明毅
2005 Yang SC; Su S; Kuo PW; Wang JD; Lin MI,2005,Quality of life and its determinants of hemodialysis patients in Taiwan measured with WHOQOL-BREF(TW),Am J Kidney Dis;,46,pp635-641 (SCI) 林明毅
2004 *Lin MI; Hwang YH; Liang HW; Lin KH,2004,Electromyographical assessment on muscular fatigue--an elaboration upon repetitive typing activity,J Electromyogr Kinesiol;,14,pp661-669 (SCI) 林明毅



學年度 著作 著作人
2017 *Ming-I Brandon Lin,2017,Improvement the user experience of data-entry activities on tablets outside the office setting – the evidences from muscular activation and task performance,HCI International 2017;,Vancouver, Canada, 林明毅
2016 *Ming-I Brandon Lin,2016,Estimation of low back loading on EMTs during patient handling tasks,19th annual Applied Ergonomics Conference;,Orlando, FL, USA, 林明毅
2015 *Ming-I Brandon Lin,2015,How the HCI design affects working posture when performing data-entry tasks on a Tablet,Industrial & Systems Engineering Research Conference;,Nashville, TN, USA, 林明毅
2015 Janet Lin; Ming-I Brandon Lin,2015,Quantify the potential problems affected mobile user experience with Map & Navigation APPs - the insights out of eye-tracking metrics,The 22nd Annual Meeting of the Ergonomics Society of Taiwan;, 林明毅
2013 *Ming-I Brandon Lin,2013,Effects of Virtual Keyboard Configurations on Muscular Activation during Data-Entry Activities,16th annual Applied Ergonomics Conference;,Dallas, TX, USA, 林明毅
2012 *Ming-I Brandon Lin,2012,Effects of Schoolbag Loads and Carrying Approaches on Postural and Myoelectrical Responses of the Children,15th annual Applied Ergonomics Conference;,Nashville, TN, USA, 林明毅
2010 *Ming-I Brandon Lin,2010,Predicting Human Pulmonary Ventilation Using Artificial Neural Network,54th Annual Meeting of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society;,San Francisco, CA, USA, 林明毅





年度 計畫名稱 參與人 計畫時間
2017 高齡社會溝通、行為、與認知之研究-子計畫五: 探討老化對於移動中進行溝通之認知-動作互動過程可能造成之影響   2017/08/01 ~ 
2016 高齡社會溝通、行為、與認知之研究-子計畫五: 探討老化對於移動中進行溝通之認知-動作互動過程可能造成之影響   2016/08/01 ~ 
2015 救護人員執行傷患搬運作業之生物力學與生理負荷評估   2015/08/01 ~ 
2014 探討行人使用智慧型手機對其注意力與情境察覺能力的影響   2014/08/01 ~ 
2013 探討同步心理與生理工作負荷對動作控制造成之影響與成因   2013/08/01 ~ 
2011 新型觸控式平板電腦之人因相關評估與改善 - 以文字輸入作業之人機互動為例(I)   2011/08/01 ~ 
2011 美體塑身鞋對使用者下肢肌肉群和步態的影響-短期效應追蹤研究   2011/07/01 ~ 
2010 學齡孩童和青少年書包之綜合人因評估與使用準則之建立(I)   2010/08/01 ~